Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Brother

David began his Master's in Public Policy at the University of Minnesota this fall. He fell in love with Foreign Policy at the University of Iowa while earning his undergraduate degree in Political Science. David had an ear and heart for the injustices of the world. He struggled with the question why. Why does this happen? Why can't God ease some of the suffering in the world?

The love David had for others whom he didn't even know, is only a glimpse into the love he had for his family and friends. David thrived in a group of people, whether strangers or old friends, he was quick to instigate a meaningful conversation, debate, or share a funny story to break the ice. David had a charismatic glow about him. Everywhere he walked, and he walked with a pretty great stride, he was connecting with people.

Growing up four years younger than David, I wanted to be as cool as I considered him to be. We had a volatile relationship growing up, he was jealous of me due to the attention I received as the first girl. He was pretty mean to me at times, and this caused a resentment in me. Even though I admired him to no end, I did not let him know this. I put on a hard shell toward him and acted like I was better than him. We knew just want to say to each other to cause pain.

It wasn't until my Freshman year of college when this changed. I moved to the same city as him and began my studies while he was finishing his last year. David was really good at school. He worked hard, earned excellent grades and really learned what he was studying. He loved history and political science. He felt proud of his ability to spout off dates and specific events that changed our world. I often felt intimidated by his knowledge.

David would critique my papers for class and taught me how to make a logical argument. He brought me grocery shopping and at some point we began to hang out by choice. He liked asking me to go shopping with him, I remember with great happiness shopping for his first suit. He looked so sharp and was very excited. Through our friendship, I learned of David's kindness and sensitive heart. His outward shell of humor and intelligence, often overshadowed his extreme compassion. Learning this about my brother made me love him even more. Through our friendship over the next few years, something in my heart changed. David not only was my big brother, but I felt like his big sister.

We constantly told each other how proud we were of the other. We still had little tiffs, but immediately would work to find a peaceful resolution. We would make up with a tight hug and two "I love yous" one from him, and one from me.

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