David's Legacy

A growing collection of anecdotes our family has received from David's loved ones: friends, family, colleagues, and students. 

"My son was one if the fortunate students to have your son as a teacher. Although he only taught here a very short time, he touched and enriched so many young peoples' lives. It was evident that he loved his job as much as he loved his students. He always strived to make sure that each one of his students were successful and always made them feel as if they could achieve great things. He made school fun for the kids, while teaching them not only the curriculum that was required of him, but also important life lessons. He taught them the importance of being a good person with good values and being involved in the community. David will truly be missed." - Michelle

"My son was a student of David's in West Branch. He inspired my son to become a teacher and he is pursuing this goal at the University of Iowa. Your son was very inspirational to Corey and will be missed greatly." -Ed

"Mr. Lucas was such a great teacher during his time at West Branch. He made every class exciting and truly wanted all of his students to reach their full potential. He encouraged everyone to get involved and to never stop pushing yourself. Not only was he a wonderful teacher and a major influence to many but he always knew how to make you laugh even on your worse day. I will never forget the lessons he taught me or lose the appreciation he gave me of history and government. His memories will last a lifetime with many of his former students." -Haley

"Mr. Lucas was my government teacher during my senior year. I went to a really small high school in a conservative, rural town east of Iowa City. The school district was not academically rigorous or progressive by any standards. I’m not sure how your brother ended up there, but to say he had a great impact is an understatement! He was the hardest teacher in the high school, because he actually pushed all of his students to truly learn. Even though many people in my class didn’t intend to go to college, he made sure that we understood the importance of education and how to act as informed citizens. He was funny and sarcastic with students, and this also made him well received. He motivated people with his own passion, which is something I had not been exposed to before. He challenged both strong students and struggling students at my high school and we loved him for it." -Cassidy

"David was an excellent friend and colleague who enriched my life." -Molly

"Our daughters were both students of your son at West Branch. Molly loved to debate with him and Annie loved the fun way he would interact with the students. Please know that your son made a positive difference and a profound impact on students." -Kathy

"David was a fine teacher, and touched the lives of his West Branch students and colleagues for the better." -Stephen

"David was a brilliant person who had a positive impact on everyone around him. Rest assured that his legacy will live on through the thousands of people that had the opportunity to meet him." -Rick

"Mr. Lucas was my favorite teacher. He encouraged every student and truly pushed us to reach our full potential. He touched many student's lives and will greatly be remembered." -Issac

"Mr.Lucas will be greatly missed. He had a huge impact on everyone he met. He always knew how to make his students laugh. He was a great teacher and I learned a lot from him. He will never be forgotten." -Jessica

"David was a fellow WD '04 classmate of mine. David was a great young man." -Jenny

"My daughter was in your son's class at West Branch High School and has very fond memories of him and his teaching - he had a lot to do with her interest in politics and policy." -Kellee

"Mr. Lucas was such a great role model for all of his students. He really encouraged getting everyone involved. He was an awesome teacher and somehow made history a fun subject. Please know he positively affected so many students and will be remembered by many." -Jamie

"David was one of the most uplifting people I know and would do anything for anyone. He is what many people aspired to be." -Matt

"I remember David as a genuinely kind, inquisitive, passionate person. Hopefully it will give you some comfort to know that he'll be remembered that way, even by those who didn't know him very well." -Jackie

"David left an important mark on all us, no matter the brevity of our time together." -Stetson

"David, you left this world far too soon. You had a smile that was contagious and a sense of humor that everyone enjoyed. You will be missed by so many. May you rest in peace and see the impact you left on this earth was far more than you could have imagined." -Amy

"I'll miss David, he made the world a better place and has had a positive impact on the people he touched." -Jared

"David made the world a better place for everyone who knew him. He pushed us to think more deeply and critically, as well as to remember to see the humor in situations and have fun." -Rita

"David was a great young man who while quietly crying inside was the first to make his friends laugh outside. His heart was as big as the world and his spirit will be with all of us always. He was a true gentleman and his place in this world will be missed." -Willmans

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